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Degrees & Major Subjects

Approximately 23,000 students are currently studying at the ANU, with around 11,000 undergraduate students and 9,000 undertaking postgraduate study. There are students from all walks of life: mature-age, part-time and school leavers from all states and territories in Australia; and International students from over 70 different countries (forming about 31% of the total student population).   

A variety of combined degree programs are available leading to two degrees. Approximately 50% of ANU students undertake combined degrees.

Study areas include:

Arts with a wide variety of traditional subjects in the humanities and social sciences as well as specialist degrees in: Art History and Curatorship, Development Studies, International Relations, European Studies, Policy Studies and Social Work.

Visual arts
  The School of Art has built a reputation as a leading arts educator offering undergraduate and postgraduate training in ten art and craft disciplines - Ceramics, Glass, Gold and Silversmithing, Painting, Photomedia, Printmedia and Drawing, Sculpture, Textiles and Wood.

Digital arts
  The Centre for New Media Arts offers studies in four principal areas: computer music, digital video, computer animation and interactive multimedia.

  The School of Music is at the forefront of national and international best pratice. Specialization is available in: performance, composition, jazz performance, musicology and music language and techniques.

Asian Studies
  The ANU is one of the world’s leading centers for research and teaching on Asia. The Faculty of Asian Studies offers courses that cover East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia and West Asia. All degrees offer a unique integration of a language major (from 12 Asian languages) and a non-language cognitive major from fields of study in Asian history, religions, contemporary societies, politics and international relations and security studies. The Bachelor of Asian Studies (Specialist) degree also incorporates a year abroad in Asia or the Arab world.

Economics and Commerce
    The Faculty of Economics and Commerce has an international reputation and offers degree programs in: Actuarial Studies, Commerce (with majors in Accounting, Business Information Systems, Finance, Marketing, International Business and Management), Electronic Commerce, Economics and Finance.

Engineering and Information Technology
    The systems approach to the ANU engineering degree produces well-rounded and multi-skilled engineering professionals who have a broad technical ability and skills base. Specialist areas of study include: Telecommunications Systems, Digital and Electronic Systems, Environmental Systems, Manufacturing and Management Systems, Sustainable Energy Systems, Materials and Mechanical Systems, Mechatronic Systems and Photonics.

ANU IT graduates attain the technical knowledge of fundamentals of computer systems, programming languages, computer applications and information systems, and may choose to enter either the Information Systems or Software Development stream. A specialist degree, incorporating industrial experience and an emphasis on communication and management skills is also offered in Software Engineering.

    The ANU Law School is one of Australia’s leading law schools and has developed an exceptional reputation in the area of Public law and International law, and also has special strengths in Environmental and Commercial law.

    The ANU has an outstanding research record and offers specialist degrees in: Biotechnology, Computational Science, Forestry, Medical Science, Photonics, Psychology, Resource and Environmental Management and Science Communication. The ANU now offers Australia’s most prestigious Science degree – the Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) where students undertake research and advanced study as part of the normal study in science in their undergraduate degree.

Postgraduate Excellence 

  The Australian National University was specifically established in 1946, under Commonwealth legislation, "to encourage and provide facilities for postgraduate research and study both generally and in relation to subjects of national importance to Australia". The ANU was one of the first Australian universities to award the degree of Doctor of Philosophy and has earned an international reputation for continued excellence in research and in the training of graduate students.

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