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On-Campus Employer Presentation

All on-campus employer presentations and careers fairs are held during the academic year, thus avoiding university vacation and examination periods.

Bookings for graduate recruitment events conducted in March and April are to be confirmed at least one month prior to the event. More flexible arrangements can be negotiated for employer presentations to be arranged outside of this time. Employers are expected to notify ANU Careers of any changes to their plans in time for ANU Careers to inform students of such changes.

It is the employer’s responsibility to inform successful applicants that they are to be interviewed.


Employment Vacancies

Employers may advertise vacancies on the web site at any time throughout the year.

All vacancies entered on ANU CareerHub will be checked by an ANU Careers staff member, before they are published on the web site.

Employers are responsible for maintaining the accuracy of their contact details and deadline dates for applications.

ANU Careers reserves the right to decline to advertise vacancies which we consider to be inconsistent with the purpose of the ANU CareerHub.

Please read before lodging your vacancy

  • Domestic service positions: ANU Careers will not list job advertisements on ANU CareerHub for domestic service positions based in/or at people's homes. This includes jobs such as cleaning, home help, gardening, maintenance, labouring, childcare and tutoring. 
  • For tutoring opportunities, ANU Careers will only list specific positions lodged for services to be held on campus or by a registered organisation with sessions held at that organisation’s premises. Online tutoring opportunities may be eligible if they are through an Australian-based organisation with a registered Australian Business Number (ABN).
  • Remuneration: All jobs must comply with the wages set out under the National Employment Standards: http://www.fairwork.gov.au/employment/national-employment-standards/pages/default.aspx.
    As such, remuneration for positions must include: a specific currency amount per hour or annual currency amount, or include a statement indicating the rate of pay, such as "Award rate", "Above award rate", "International award equivalent", and "voluntary work".
  • Unpaid work experience: this is generally not allowed unless it is undertaken as a requirement of an education or training course or is part of a formal volunteer work program with a not-for-profit organisation. Furthermore, any volunteering opportunity that incurs a fee at any point will not be allowed. For more information about unpaid and paid work experience refer to: https://www.fairwork.gov.au/pay and https://www.fairwork.gov.au/pay/unpaid-work.
  • Virtual Internships: These listings will need to meet all requirements listed in CareerHub guidelines and policy and cannot involve a fee or cost at any stage in order for students to be able to participate. Proposed listings for Virtual Internships will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Advertisement duration: Job advertisements are posted for a maximum of one month. If you would like to extend the application deadline you will need to resubmit the job application for approval.
  • Commission-only jobs and jobs where the student is employed as a contractor and not as PAYE employee will generally not be posted.
  • ABN/Contractor roles: ANU Careers will not list opportunities in which students are required to hold an Australian Business Number (ABN), or are requested to apply for one 
  • Application Fees: Any opportunity that involves students having to pay a fee at any stage of the recruitment, training, or employment process will not be approved for placement on ANU CareerHub.
  • Overseas teaching: ANU Careers will not advertise overseas teaching opportunities, except for University teaching positions.
  • Mystery Shoppers: ANU Careers will not advertise 'Mystery Shopper' roles or similar types of 'cold-calling' opportunities
  • Employers who enter their own vacancies on the web site are asked to remove vacancy advertisements once the position is filled.
  • Employers who advertise casual or part time work through ANU Careers are advised that neither the Australian National University nor ANU Careers accepts liability for, or effects workers compensation insurance or an insurance coverage, in respect of any employment undertaken by students from this student job search facility.

Third Parties or Recruitment Agencies

Third party recruiters are required to disclose to ANU Careers staff the name of the employer for whom they are recruiting. A fee will be charged for advertising vacancies.

Fee: $220 per advertisement for a 2 week display.

Requirements for usage

MUST disclose who they are recruiting for, ie:

Organisation where the position will be

Position’s pay rate, start date, etc.

Position will only be displayed after payment is received

Graduate, Vacation Employment and Work Experience

Through the graduate recruitment initiatives run by ANU Careers employers are able to recruit:

  • Final year students and recent graduates for graduate positions
  • Students at any stage of their study for vacation or work experience placements

Students from any year level are able to access graduate recruitment, vacation work and work experience information through CareerHub, once they have registered.

ANU Careers is not an agency and as such does not involve itself in selecting or recommending students for any vacancy listed on ANU CareerHub.

Insurance Cover for Internship and Work Experience

The University’s Personal Injury and Sickness (Work Experience) insurance covers students undertaking approved work experience programs. The policy covers non-Medicare expenses relating to injury, sickness, and travel to and from the place of work.

For students to be eligible for cover under the policy, the work experience program must be a recognised component of an approved course of study at The Australian National University. Certification of a student’s eligibility to undertake work experience should be approved by the relevant Head of Department, Course Convenor or Program Convenor, by completing the appropriate form and forwarding a copy to the University’s Insurance Officer. Full details can be found here

On-Campus Interviews

This information relates to employers hiring the ANU Careers interview facilities to conduct on-campus recruitment interviews.

Interviews are to be conducted between the hours of 9.15am and 5.00pm.

Employers are expected to treat students and applicants with respect and confidentiality at all times through the recruitment process and keep them informed of the progress and outcome of their application.

Email; careers.employer@anu.edu.au for booking information

ANU Careers reserves the right to decline to display or distribute company or organisation material which we consider inappropriate.